Roller Blinds For Bathroom

The Golden Question: Are Roller Blinds Suitable For Your Bathroom?

So rollers are luxurious, beautiful and just perfect for creating that aura… yea that aura that transcends your lounge, living room or bedroom into your very own peace-bringing space. But… that one room that is actually your very own fortress of solitude is – your bathroom – which is why a lot people are now […]

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Some Paint And a Roller Blind

Some Paint And A Roller Blind

Alright… so we said that we can customize them for you – which we can – but in case you’ve got a white roller blind up on your window, you can do the job on your own too. Roller blinds are typically made out textiles and plastics. Depending on your rollers, you can whip up […]

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Inspiring Decor Ms. Knight made us do it

Inspiring Decor: Ms. Knight made us do it

The renowned novelist, Ms. India Knight is not just proud of her books but seems a tad house-proud too. According to her, this pink Victorian little palace of hers is as close to her heart as her children. Let’s have a look at her vibrant Victorian home and see what sets this unique space apart […]

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interior color basics

5 Interior Color Basics you should know

Saying that color is vital to your interior décor is as redundant as… saying words are important for reading a book! And the color or colors you choose for your interior not only play a vital role in determining whether your design is aesthetically appealing or not, but their inherent phycology helps to create interesting […]

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Ladies & Gentlemen… We Present to you… Miss 2015… Marsala

She’s beautiful, she’s wine, she’s velvet and she’s a shade of red that’s going to be all over your décor in 2015 – she’s also a bit rusty though… so give her some time. The color experts, Pantone have declared Marsala 18-1438 as the color of the year for 2015. It definitely reminds us of […]

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custom decor

Custom Decor: Bring out your L’artiste Qui Sommeille

And in case you’re wondering what that means… it’s French for inner artist. Here at, we perfect the art of customizing your blinds to your personal style… and you will be surprised at the limitless possibilities that go as far as your imagination can run – wild! So as a kick start, here are […]

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Curtain Or Blinds

This Or That? Curtains Or Blinds?

We sell blinds so of course we’ll say rollers. But the truth is that it really does depend on your personal taste and how functional and viable they are in your circumstances. But as good human beings… we think it’s only fair of us to present you with a somewhat neutral take on what your […]

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ostandingfeatureimage whiconetochoose

Blinds Blinds On The Window… Which One To Choose?

Blinds have an alluring simplicity and charm that has pretty much outdone the grandeur that people once sought with frilly curtains and fabricated pelmets with as many tassels hanging here and there as… the number of countries on the map. Other than the fact that blinds make your home look clean and wonderful, they also […]

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get the blind

Ditch the Curtain… Get the Blind

Now the general conception… rather misconception is that your typical blackout roller blinds are like corporate fashion and for office use only. True that… but not really; they’re equally suited for home décor as well. Here are 4 reasons why we think you should ditch curtains in your home and dress up your windows with […]

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rolling an easy cleaning

Rolling an Easy Cleaning

Roller blinds are the current fad in window treatments for that elegant, modern and crisp look that almost fits with any interior décor. The best thing about them is that they’re great when it comes to blocking sunlight as opposed to heavy curtains that just might make you end up with an asthma attack! Too […]

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