Color Phychology: Purrr-ple

featured image ( purple)

Kings, queens, nobles,… that’s what comes to the mind when one thinks purple. Purple in all its tints, shades and variants is the color of royalty and superiority. It is also the color that strikes the perfect balance between both the spiritual and physical realms. It is the color of imagination and inspires high ideals. Too much of it however, leads to a royal interior disaster!

In interior décor, purple is almost always used when designing spaces reminiscent of Victorian and other classic European styles. The richness in the hue just works perfectly in bringing out grandeur of medieval Europe and boats an unmatched royalty that no other color can bring forth.

purple 1

purple 2

Though in its lighter tints it is very harmonious and goes easy on the eyes while still maintaining a certain element of luxe.

purple 3

purple 4

Because of its visual intensity in high saturation, violet also works well in accents in modern interiors. It creates interesting focal points and adds a dramatic element of contrast characteristic of most contemporary styles of interior décor.

purple 5

purple 6

And here’s what we mean by a royal interior disaster!

purple 7

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