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Ostanding Showcase section is all about displaying the freshness, vivacity and innovative touch that you can bring to your place through our customized digitally printed roller shades range. As you can see there is a variety of innovative ideas in the roller shades samples that we have uploaded in this section ranging from dining room and kitchen to bedroom and lounge and laundry areas. You can easily select a picture of your choice from our gallery section or provide your own ideas and it is our guarantee that your chosen image will appear in high quality as evident from these samples. These images have been showcased for the sake of giving you the correct idea about how a photograph will appear and how innovative you can be when it comes to choosing an image for your roller shade.

We at Ostanding aim to provide you only the best in terms of the quality of material and the printing technology used for producing customized roller shades. This is why the latest and most advanced scanning devices are used and highly reliable technology of digital sublimation is utilized while creating a roller shade. It is our promise that the roller shade that we create will change the entire look of your room with its exceptional quality, ease of use and innovativeness. To learn about how to place an order, please click here

Ostanding Showcase 

Living room

living room theme

“It is always the first step that counts- Initiate the journey and the path wi...READ MORE

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Dining room 1

dining room 1 theme

Creativity cannot only be achieved by hanging roller shades printed with abstrac...READ MORE

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Bed room 1

bed room 1 theme

Bedrooms need roller shades depicting a touch of romance, liveliness and warmth ...READ MORE

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Bed room 2

bed room 2 theme

If your corridors, lounges or any room has a window in the corner then we sugges...READ MORE

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Bed room 3

bed room 3 theme

If your room has a greyish color scheme then you need to choose an image that co...READ MORE

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Laundry room

laundry  room shade

Washing and laundry area is usually the most ignored and overlooked space in you...READ MORE

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Dining room 2

dinning room 2 shade

Dining area is where you need to create a positive, inviting and invigorating im...READ MORE

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kitchen theme

This is the age of innovation and adding a designer touch to all the areas of yo...READ MORE

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Clutch and chain

clutch and chain theme

Ostanding’s range of customized roller shades is very flexible to handle and r...READ MORE

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Cassette valance

printed roller shade

Ostanding presents its customers the new-age and highly modern range in roller s...READ MORE

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