gorgeous bay window

Fashionably Uncool Roller Treatments

We love rollers, and we love selling rollers and we’ll do anything it takes to make your interior look absolutely wow… with rollers – even if that mean we have to warn you about some things you shouldn’t be doing AT ALL! Here are some window treatments that are a complete no go for your […]

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the minimalist

Interior Decor: The Minimalist

The basic concept of minimalistic décor is to strip an interior space to a completely raw form to achieve the utmost level of simplicity. This style of interior décor became popular in the 1980’s in cities like London and New York as people ditched conventional aesthetics and began to adapt their living spaces to a […]

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pink lips

Color Psychology: Pink lips!

Pink is the raw passion and power of red softened with the purity of white. Pink symbolizes nurturing, unconditional love, romance and affection. Pink calms and counters aggression and anger. Pink signifies hope and inspires. Bubblegum is pink and very much chewable… too bad cushions aren’t edible! In interior decor, the color is often perceived […]

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decor tips for a tidy tiny space

5 Decor Tips for a Tidy Tiny Space

Small living spaces can be quite cozy and heartwarming at times. But let’s admit…they’re difficult to keep neat and organized. You may have fewer possessions, but you even have fewer space t keep those things. Here are 5 décor essentials for maximizing the functionality and aesthetics of your rather minimalistic living space. 1: White, white […]

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overly decorative

Overly Decorative

Sure we’re living in the 21st century and everything’s all modern, scientific, chic, simplistic….. roller blind friendly, but sometimes a royal window treatment can be quite a breath of fresh air –that already sounds funny! But we think that Roman blinds are great for adding that bit of luxury to interior design that seems to […]

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modern design

Interior Decor: Modern Design

The term ‘modern’ is a widely used one when it comes to interior décor – a bit too often we’d say for people to even know what it actually implies and is an interior space even worthy of being called a ‘modern interior.’ Interestingly, this style of interior décor was fashioned by a group of […]

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bamboo roller

DIY Tips to Making a Faux Bamboo Roller… Out of Matts

The things we do sometimes just to get the look – because… eventually they do look good. Here’s a quick DIY guide to making a fake bamboo roller out of bamboo placemats… talk about fun and functionality all rolled up together. 1: Measure the window… like we needed to tell you that! If you don’t […]

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blue interior

Color Psychology: Your Wall’s Best Friend… Blue!

If you’re looking for a color that will never let you down, if you’re looking for a color that’s good at communicating – some peace and wisdom, if you’re looking for a color that doesn’t demand too much attention… then blue it is – that’s our honest opinion. The color blue generally projects most traits […]

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featured image copy

Custom Décor: Blinding Celebrity Light

Everyone’s been going gaga over women empowerment, so we thought why not roll up a pretty face on your roller too… a pretty female face. And no we won’t bore you with inspirational women from all over the planet… rather we’re giving you options of five starlets who’ve wooed you with their beauty, acting and […]

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Bay Windows To Make Your Day

Bay Windows To Make Your Day

When it comes to architecture and interior décor, bay windows are like that hot piece of fudge that just came out of the oven… they’re hot. And why not? With the alcove that they create within your space, bay windows can help stir up some interesting ideas for interior décor that are not only aesthetically […]

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