Interior Decor: Modern Design

modern design

The term ‘modern’ is a widely used one when it comes to interior décor – a bit too often we’d say for people to even know what it actually implies and is an interior space even worthy of being called a ‘modern interior.’

Interestingly, this style of interior décor was fashioned by a group of European designers that founded the Bauhaus School of Design in Germany in the late 1900s. Their philosophy was simple – form and function should combine in all designs. They defined ‘modern design’ with having a clean and sophisticated approach to functionally while avoiding unnecessary and overly excessive decorative accessories and elements that were common in other interior décor styles of the time.

In fact, modern design today is all about giving functionality more precedence over form. It focuses on the minimal use of textures and an asymmetrical balance in layout in neutral colors accented with a single bold color or two along with polished finishes.

modern interior decor

This style of interior décor is often considered most ideal for apartments and small spaces as it maximizes space and creates the illusion that a room is larger than it actually is with the usage of textures like glass and mirrors. And you will almost always see windows done in simple blinds and rollers avoiding curtains as the excessive use of fabric defies the essence of the style.

style of interior decor

Even today people sometimes feel that this style of interior decor is too simplistic in nature, harsh or cold, however when well-planned it can radiate a sense of serenity with a an edge throughout your space.

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