A Man’s Best Friend… is Your Blind’s Worst Enemy!

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If you thought that pet poop was a hard-to-handle domestic issue with pets, think again. These little and sometimes not so little furry creatures can pull, cling and tear onto any and every of your interior furnishings. And believe it or not, they have a very strong affinity for your blinds – and ruining them!

Pets love the window!

Pets Love Window

That’s right… more than granny does! Pets are natural observers and love to look at birds, squirrels and any other potentially edible life form outside the window instead of just sitting on the couch like a useless lump of flesh and hair.

If your pet is trying to bend you window blinds to gain access to the window seat, we’d suggest keeping your blinds rolled up. And if privacy is an issue, use something like a cat curtain.

They just don’t leave the cord alone!

Cord Alone

Oh dear… the biggest nuisance ever! There can be nothing more enticing to these little creatures than the dangling cords to rolling up your blinds… not even a ball. Forget the fact that the cords are actually harmful for pets, what’s obviously more important is that their constant chewing and tugging can bring your blinds down.
Now if this happens… the one thing you can’t do is put a noose around your pet’s mouth, but you can tie up your cords neatly and keep them out of reach.

Of climbers and clawers!

Climbers and Clawers

Particularly cats… as if they were prepping for a gold in gymnastics at the Olympics. Pets are natural observers, but they’re curiosity is even more daunting. They scratch and climb things in an attempt to see that which they cannot see otherwise. If only they realized that what’s not in their reach…. IS NOT MEANT FOR THEM MAYBE?!
Sadly there’s not much that you can do about this except for providing them with … wait hold your breath… this one made us go ‘lol’ as well… a cat tower!

And whoever said that only princes climbed towers!

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