Custom Décor: Roll Up Some Patriotism!

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It’s always good to have a sense of patriotism lingering around in your home; keeps you connected to your roots we think. And what better way to add that feeling other than with the help of a roller blind – functional and aesthetically appealing both at the same time. And even if it’s not your own national flag, you’re still getting some cool design elements to play round with in your interior space. So check out these five flags and see what suits your taste.


Well obviously… our first pick had to be this one! Though, we’d advise you to use this one on a wider window so that you don’t kill the horizontal element. A primary palette and the stripes are two other fantastic elements that you can extract from this one to whip up a nice and modern interior.


Aah yes… our lovely neighbors’! We bet even Martha Stewart couldn’t’ think of this fabulous idea, but that maple alone would make one hell of a motif for a plain roller. We’re thinking an interior space designed with a high contrast in red and white and a bit of black here and there. Perfect for a bedroom… what say you?


Alright… this one has to be the best… and the most intense color combinations amongst all the flags of the world – correct us if we’re wrong. It’s fiery, it’s fast and it’s full of energy. Sometimes it’s okay to have just color and no motifs to play around with. Or you could use the colors to design interesting geometric motifs for the rest of your furnishings. And if not that either then simple hail Hitler


More primaries, more basics and a lot more fun! This one’s bright and cheery and would make a great roller shade for a kid’s room or play area. You could also try giving the print a bit of a tilt to change the rectangles and squares to look like a rhombus instead.


Okay… we don’t know where this country is and don’t know much about it either, but that is one awesome flag! We just love the way the colors converge to a single point.

So what’s your nationality?

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