Custom Decor: Haute Blinds

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In an earlier blog post… we talked about the mélange of fashion and interior trends. So we figured… why not come up with some fashionably awesome ideas to use couture fabric to create some sensual and luxe roller blinds? Oh we know you’re excited already! So here it goes…



Metallics, metallic and more metallics… shimmery fabrics are en vogue; well not just for high end fashion but even for home décor. They’re a great way to add some zing into your design without compromising too much on your intended sophistication and simplicity. What’s brilliant about moonlight is the dramatic hints of shine that are visible from different angles that do the job just perfectly.



And if you’re looking for something that has a lot more glamour and definitely a lot more shine than moonlight, sequins is your best bud… or gal… whatever! Its shimmery, its super reflective and it’s very very attractive – and it comes in an almost limitless variety. Besides… you probably also have a handful of trashy sequins mini dresses that you could recycle…particularly the ones you bought of random online stores!

Indian silks

indian silk

Now this you cannot deny… the richness of Indian textiles is so epic that it would make for an even more epic blind – and avant garde roll on tradition we’d say. The splendor of bright colors and beautiful patterns touched with the sheen of silken and metallic threads leave with limitless possibilities to play around with while doing your interior. We guess it’s time hit your nearest Indian store for all them beautiful saris.

Burnout velvet

burnout velvet

Now we know that blinds have blackout behind them to block out the sun, but imagine the light passing through beautiful burnout velvets with Victorian designs in rich and deep hues creating an ambiance of a kind. Sometimes it’s good to play aesthetics over functionality. And if you love the idea but not the sunlight, you can always play with a different color behind the velvet to add an interesting element of contrast in your design.

Chantilly lace


French… lace… lingerie… luxe… Chantilly is all about that – it’s time this utterly sensuous couture fabric made it from high fashion gowns on the red carpet to a beautiful blind on your window. The softness and subtlety of the fabric makes it a great choice for open living spaces for a simplistic and elegant charm in pastel hues. Just be a bit careful when rolling it up and down.

So… you got any clothes to recycle?

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