Comfy Reading By The Window

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Some vitamin D isn’t bad for you… and besides… you’re not supposed to read in the night anyway!

Take a look at these cozy reading spots that are absolutely gorgeous and get some ideas rolling in your imagination – if you’re an avid reader of course. We’d advise you to use natural light since it’s a natural energy-saver; though we can’t do much in case you’re an insomniac. Also, add a personal touch by putting up a roller shade to control the inflow of light when needed.

Comfy Reading 1

Comfy reading 2

Comfy Reading 3

Comfy reading 4

Comfy Reading 5

Comfy reading 6

Comfy reading 7

Comfy reading 8

Comfy Reading 9

Comfy reading 10

Comfy Reading 11

So what are you reading today?

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