Color Psychology: Witness Whiteness

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Scientifically speaking, white is perceived as a combination of all of the hues in the spectrum in equal proportions. White thus represents completion, wholeness and balance – all in one. Emotionally, the color white is associated with calmness and peace – it is without a shadow of doubt soothing to the eyes and soul. Untainted, unstained, untarnished, as pure as Virgin Mary and as gorgeous as Snow White, in all its meanings and beauty, white is the color of purity and chastity – no dirty spots and no dirty thoughts!

Interior Decor

In interior décor, white serves as the base upon which most of not all colors are painted to bring them out even more prominently. So to speak, white is almost an interior essential – without it, an interior space can never be complete or strong… even if the color does not show at all by the end of the process.

Due its light, big and spacious effect, white is a common color that is used in most minimalistic themes as well as those that thrive on the sophisticated aesthetics of the 21st century. It makes small spaces look big and less crowded, and makes big spaces look simple and elegant… and even bigger of course!

White furnishing

Though white furnishings are high on maintenance, they’re simply unbeatable. White carpets are a definite no, just make sure your guests don’t sit on crap before they sit on your crisp white couch and white rollers… nothing surpasses the chicness they lend to your room.

White color
White color 1

Though we will still say… do add a bit of color… you just might end up getting bored with all the blankness otherwise.

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