Color Psychology: Roses Are Red… And So Is Your Interior!

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Red is the color of energy, action and passion. Red is lust. Red is a warm and positive hue that reflects some of our basic needs of survival. At the same time, it can translate into anger and aggression spreading negative energy. It exudes a powerful masculine strength and a sensual feminine desire at the same time. Red is exciting and triggers an adrenaline rush. And when used in interior décor, it screams confidence and sex with a loud shout!

When it comes to interior décor, red is a fantastic choice of hue for creating focal points in your design as it almost always grabs ones attention at first glance. Be it rollers, vertical blinds or a dramatic red wall… you’d want to have this hue all over the best parts of your space.

Blind 1
Blind 2
Red Wall

And no you wouldn’t need roses to stir in the emotion… a red bedroom has intimacy written all over the bed sheets – if done properly with the right partner color of course.


In case you’re more of the neutral type and don’t want too much color to overwhelm your interior, then red is probably the best color for all those minor accents because of its ability to stand out and make its presence felt as opposed to any other color which just might not do the job as good as red does.


Though we must warn you… being surrounded by too much red just might cause you to become irritated, agitated and ultimately angry. And in case that happens we are not responsible for whatever you end up doing!

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