Color Psychology: Go Green

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If you seek to balance the emotions of the head and the heart, green is your friend,,, no wait… green is the remedy you’re looking for… that sounds better. Green is the color of equilibrium and harmony – not just an emotional and temperamental neutral, but also a soother. Green is also the color of spring, growth and rebirth. Green is the positive energy that renews and restores deleted energy. And maybe that’s why there’s so much green on our planet – and we should try to keep it that way.

And to transform your interior into a relaxing sanctuary away from the stresses of the world… green is again your prefect remedy. Whether it’s on the walls or the furnishing, bright or light or even in organic forms, green is always soothing to the eyes.

Go Green

And even if you want to avoid manmade materials and actually ‘go green’, organic rollers look better when set in the middle of green hues – a tint of sage or jade maybe. But we like the literal approach too.


Plants and a great replacement for green furnishings – they spread the positive energies of the color naturally, and simultaneously present unique interior options with an interesting blend of other organic hues.


And tell us… now isn’t that the perfect sanctuary from relaxation? Not literally green but very refreshing indeed! Now don’t get jealous of whoever sleeps there…


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