3 Pros Of Electric Rollers Over Manual Ones

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If you’re tech-savvy, then you’ll definitely love electric roller shades for your windows at your home or your workplace. They do have an edge over manual roller you know!

They’re a lot easier to use and they save even more time. Think about it – how long it normally takes you to fidget with a manual roller’s cord, whereas an electric roller just works with the push of a button. And this really helps if you have to pull up your rollers frequently.

Roller Blinds

Electric rollers offer a lot more security. Since they’re motor driven and thus more durable and able to sustain heavier weights, metallic and fiberglass rollers can be used outside your space for better protection against intruders as opposed to a textile based manual roller that can be ripped apart with ease.

Blind- External

Aesthetically, electric roller shades are a lot more crisp and tidy. No hanging cords and no bending dowels and definitely no uneven lengths from the bottom!

So what are you thinking about?

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